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About Me: Hi. I'm Laura. 26.

On this blog you will see a lot of The Avengers, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Weeds, Misha Collins, Lauren Cohan, Billie Piper, Danneel Ackles and other random stuff.

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My weekend activites will include watching tons of San Diego Comic Con footage and crying because I’m not at San Diego Comic Con.

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This is happening at my neighbors right now. I’m waiting for Sherlock but he hasn’t shown up yet.

have you checked the roof

Wow. Rude.

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I can’t 

i was not prepared for this

If video games aren’t art, explain this???

You’re making a huge mistake if you watch this without sound

lmao WHY?!

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I love fanfic writers because fanfiction is just so kind and selfless. You give us really enjoyable stories completely free of charge and I am really, really grateful for it.

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I’m too happy to sleep

I really liked that episode! I’m so excited because I was totally starting to lose interest and now they’ve pulled me back in. Also I like Liam so yay!

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i can’t believe  todays the day that will smith saved us from all those aliens 

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"No money. No family. Sixteen in the middle of Miami."

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lydia martin needs some wolfsbane-infused nail polish so she can backhand punk-ass werewolves like the queen she is

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